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  • Teresa on 2012-Mar-12 16:41:13 Teresa said

    Wow wow wow! I am a postal epyeomle 3rd generation. I make 52,000 a year and pay out in various deductions 20,000 a year. So when you work for the post office you only truly make 32k a year. I cannot seem to understand why it is people think we should lower our rates to "help" the economy. Like 2 cents more is soooo much to ask, to take your letter/bill/postcard from texas all the way to new york or even alaska. As americans we are paying over 4 dollars a gallon for gas yet we think that the post office isnt paying higher gas prices also? We have to be able to move the truck with your mail out of the dock and that takes money. As for postal epyeomles being "semi-skilled" please! We are paid for the destruction that our job takes on our bodies and the constant strain we are under from stress. I am 32 I have worked for the post office for 12 years. I have 2 herniated disc, a messed up knee and shoulder, carpal tunnel, and my feet are screwed up. All because I care about getting people their mail. I bust my butt to get you your mail. And the one thing I never hear is thank you. Thank you for working all night long and every holiday and never seeing your family so I can get my christmas card from my aunt whoever. All we hear as postal epyeomles is that we are wasting tax payers dollars. Yeah! Ok if you say so.
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