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  • Mayumi on 2012-Mar-12 13:28:06 Mayumi said

    "Stand by time" is real. It is used in the processing patnls, more so, than in delivery units. If a daily volume to be processed drops, people sit. The average yearly income is no where near $83,000 for the average letter carrier, plant worker or line supervisor, not even with overtime. Upper management makes this much and much, much more for contriving work formulas and reports that amount to no more than "bull - -. In order for the postal service to survive, "5" day deliver is an absolute!! Fuel costs and 6 th day wages have to be slashed. Very small post offices that dot the country have to go! County Seat Offices are all that need to remain. The over head and wages are unbelievable compared to what little revenue that is generated. This is what PEOPLE wanted...time to get over it. Postal service and products can return to the "General Store", like it was in its early days. What is the driving factor in postal decline is the glut of over paid, under qualified "UPPER" postal management positions and CONGRESS sitting on their dead asses not making proper decisions and votes, because many of them too have no business knowledge or business success track records of their own. That is why so many of them are politicians trying to line their own pockets as fast as they can. One last point. Approximately 17% of the postal work force are lazy, shiftless individuals that continually call in sick, hide under FMLA federal guidelines, and have work restrictions to leave them no more to do than show up and sit on their dead asses. The other 83% of CRAFT employees, mail processors, mail handlers, clerks and letter carriers are carrying the load. I know what I am talking about here. I have been a line supervisor in virtually every postal operation that you can think of. I also have a college degree. Why haven't I worked my way up the postal ladder? I have voiced my opinion, just as I am here and nothing sets me off more than "stupid". There is an avalanche of "stupid" that comes down on a daily basis. Privatization will come whether anyone likes or believes it. Business is about perform and get results people, not quotas, good buddies and promotions given by people are who are inadequate to begin with. My time with the postal service is nearing the end regardless of what happens. You people that may read this...pay attention and you had better believe what I am saying. I have seen it all and I am no-ones dummy.
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  • Lovie on 2017-Mar-15 11:44:48 Lovie said

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